•  Tour " Where True Mercy Lies "

    Tour " Where True Mercy Lies "

    2018-12-31 " Soul which respects this painting never perish.Not from the colors and painters hand rises this imagines greatness, but of My Grace." - He said to Sister Faustina.


    2018-12-31 Vilnius
    Tour  "The garden of prayer  "

    Tour "The garden of prayer "

    2018-12-29 Did you know there is a unique path in the most beautiful part of the city? Vilnius Stations of the Cross

Church Heritage Museum

Church Heritage Museum was established in 2009 at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Vilnius old town. Museum presents and exhibits the oldest sacral valuables. In the centre of the exposition is treasury of Vilnius Cathedral. The exposition of high artisMore...
The Church Heritage Museum Sv. Mykolo st. 9 LT-01124, Vilnius, Lithuania muziejus@bpmuziejus.lt Tel. 8 5 269 7800 www.bpmuziejus.lt